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wow! got so much stuff...arashi is high maintanence,.agree?


Those are so great!! I want some Arashi shirts too! Ahh I still haven't had time to watch their new concert DVD set yet. I only watched a few songs so far but it looks to be one of their best yet concert releases! They have the most amazing stage set up with all of those moving platforms. 


definitely high maintanence, demo the happiness is there ne...anyway, i've been waiting for this for a long time...so it was worth it....


hehe,i kind of still prefer the Taipei concert but I agree that this concert is freaking good!want to watch it again!


Oh... my... God...
I didn't even know there was shirts like these for sale!!!!! I really need them now >__________< Where did you buy it? (Just asking... it's not like I will have the money to buy it anyway xD)

I ordered the photobook and the AAA in Dome DVD... But it will take a while to get here =/


the shirts were concert t-shirts of past concerts...i din manage to get it during those times....got these from auctions (hence, costs a lil bit more than the original price), had help from a friend to help me bid...but it took a long time ne n loads of luck...so, i'm really gonna treasure them...won't wear them (yet)!

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