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sou ne? there are some similiarities! eto...what's his name again? ^^;


you know...the darnest thg is tt this look is soo different that I'm not sure if it's Daiki or Kei Inoo...I think it Kei though...demo he just looks so different!


wow! he does look sho-ish!


huh??? Oo   he really looks like Sho!!!  


It's Kei ne. ^.^ He also got my attention .. cause I also thought he somehow has something that resembles Sho-chan ne ^^;;;;


he's from hey say jump??!! 0_o uh-oh!! i havent seen him before.. maybe he's from yah yah yah? am pretty sure it's not daiki


could it be the lips? there's just something about the lips....and that lazy stare...feels like sho


ya...was pretty sure it's not Daiki...until a fren of mine confused me....but it's funny how in other shots, he doesn't look like Sho...just this shot so far...


Hai hai .. I also thought it could be the lips deshou? XDD


yeah...n wif that jacket....uwaaaa.....I call it the Sho-effect! I always love the jackets Sho wears...and he looks good in them...Now here you have Kei, a Sho look-alike wearing a great jacket...ah, Sho-effect!


hai hai.. on 1st look he looks like sho.. ahah nice shot!! maybe cuz of the shape of the face >_< where did you got this?


it's from Myojo Jan 2008 also...I cropped this from the group shot..will post up shots of Hey!Say!Jump later, hehe seems like Myojo Jan 2008 is like a bounty copy ne....lots of good shots...Kattun ones are also very cool and very nice...NewS ones were like uwaaa, kawaii!!!


so you did spent money and time on buying and scanning the mags.. sankyu neechan


ah...the myojo subscription is a gift from my fren tt time...Popolo was just something that i felt like i need to get...am glad that i did get it...full of interesting pics and shots..^___^


isee i see ^^

so he's kei ne? ^^

well then i 'd be able to remember him now ^^



were did you get this ver of love so sweet?

is this bebeh rapping? 0_o

somehow sounds like him and NOT like him ^^;


i think it's bebeh~!!!


may i please plase request for a DL link?~!!! ^__________^


kyaaaaaa!!! it's def bebeh yo!!! *giggles and dies with his DJ voice!*


hehe, it is our dear sho!(though he raps at some parts, not the main rapper tho....it's not really love so sweet...tho the front part is...
the song is called " DOKO NI ITE MO"...Sho aired in in his radio show before...
hmmm, not sure who first posted up this link...so I dunno who to credit...

but here's the link.

 If not wrong it was for Kisarazu Cats....not too sure..hehe, but I just love the way Sho was rapping at some parts of the song



arigatou~!!! ^___________^

hontou ni~!!!

i am SO taking this one XD

i see...i wonder if it's some kind of a collaboration? ^^


hmm, maybe..i think...as a form of keepsake memory of the whole KC? they all seem very close...


awwww...then i think that's really sweet ne ^_~

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