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uah~ LOVE the screencaps>.<
specially seeing Nino in a Santa Hat *Nino be my Santa!!! LOL!*
and that Arashi Janken picture is just too cute!!!

...and that girl!!! so lucky~ I envy her getting a present from Ohno + oh so adorable expressions!!!

~BTW, hope Im not late... merry Christmas...


for me, I was loving the way Aiba gave Jun the present...the way he says MatsuJun so sweetly and full of love in a singsong manner...kyaaaa~~~even Jun can't resist!
Ohno was really being extra extra cute! It's soo overflowing with sweetness!!


i so agree!!!!
i so wanna watch this badly now!!!!

*rushes to download*


i have watched it~~~!!!!!!! so much to comment about but i am off to Johor in any minutes now...yeah..i know...still online...but can't help it yo!!!

err....may i kknow who is the guest? i really don't have any idea..

Ogura-san....ripped jeans....gosshh~~!!!!

i can't stop laughing....the massage with Jun...more like an acrobat tricks hahahahaha....and Ohchan imitated Aiba calling Matsujun name hahahahahaha.....

Riida~~~!!! all my tiredness swept away~~~!!!!

5 hours drive tonight.....gaaahhhh~~~~!!!!


hehe, can comment later! will be waiting!
hehe, seems like Ogu-san is becoming younger by the day when he's with the boys!
Jun's massage - haha, like circus! Cirque De Soleil!
Haha, Oh-chan...guess he's jealous? wants to also give some love to Jun!

drive safely ok!...wait, you shld be on the road by now..haha, hope it was a safe drive! take care!


haha i guess it really looks great ne? cant wait for my download to to finish. thanks so much for the screen shot!! (^____^)

by the way merry christmas. (^____^)


This episode was so KAWAII! I want a massage and pretend to give a gift.. tehe. She was lucky!


hehe, hope u enjoyed it! happy holidays to u too!


hehe, she is isn't she! but i like her coz she's not like trying to act dainty and demure like some of the other female guests will do..hehe, the pretending to give a gift...it makes one squeal in delight and have loads of nosebleeds right?!


Agreed! I liked Anne Suzuki.... ummm... I wish they brought some more female co-stars like Mao Inoue, etc.


ah....it wld be fun ne if Mao came...or Horikita Maki...i mean Ueto Aya came...tho it was a lil of a disappointment coz Aya was quite quiet...


Yeah... I know there's a reason why they don't have Mao on the show.... I mean, we haven't even seen any of the HYD members! I guess they don't want Jun just giving them his attention I suppose.. lol

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