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Hoooooo..Chibi yuto..That was when i fall for Yuto..lOls..He was my first jr crush..


hehe, Yuto is just kawaii! but tt boy really cannot sit down very still...haha, very hyperactive..well, i was in love with daiki and still am!


Owwrrgg....I want to hug Kei and Yama chan..then I want to take Chinen home with me..I really need a pet right now XD..

Look how handsome hikaru and yabu now..and Oh my~!!! Daiki..looks so handsome too....


giggles...when i saw the way Daiki gave the flowers and he looks so embarrassed abt it..ah, love! haha, think i wld want to take morimoto home as my petto...hehe, he looks so cute sleeping with the big teddy bear!

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