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the other day i was thinking of watching USG for the nth time! hahaha! XD

i so love that SP ne ^________^

(and yes, everytime, i was wishing i had ben a fan earlier so that i could have looked for them in sydney or GC >.<)


mah~ the first time jun's team lost...i was like...awwwww :(

i think aiba's team's consequence was the worst! >.<


yeah, when jun lost the first time..i was gg aww, but still ok...haha, during the bus ride, you can see that Jun looked pissed with himself...tt sulky look!

haha, I may sound evil but the whole time for Aiba's batsu , I was laughing at the baby bear! he was like so comical cute! despite the many overseas trips, he still didn't understand English ne....also he kept assuring his team member and yet when it was his turn, he's screaming like someone's out to kill him (well, in a way it seemed so...)


daijoubu...i understand how you feel..you just want your ichiban to be 1st ne...


haha, yeah...it's partly coz of that..
i guess the other part is just that you cannot bear to see one lose despite the hard work...especially when the person tried his best doing smthg out of his realm...


hahahahahahahahaah!!! so true yo~!!!

like aiba chan will have a heart attack or something XD i think he felt like crying yo~ ^^;;;;;

and yet....i think it's even lower to the ground compared to that odoroki when bebeh had to dry off his shirt XD

i swear, bebeh could have gotten a heart attack with that one knowing how he hates heights! ^^;;;;;


1stly he'll be whining and pouting abt it....and making those faces....and if it fails..think he'll run away ne....and the rest has to drag him over...
yeah...was like gg poor aiba and yet i was enjoying it..haha, think i got the DoS bite from PaddiJun!


hahahaah!!! jut like when he didn't want to try the bunjee thingie dring their rehearsals of the time con dsehou? my poor bebeh...afraid of heights ^^;;;;;;


hahaahah!!! me too ne. i think sometimes i'm also a Do S! XDDDDD


Ya know.. I still haven't seen that yet.. ^^ Aww.. I think a lot of us would cry too. tehe


hehe, poor baby...i can understand coz I do have a fear of heights too...esp hate it when they make u do jump down from a height, even though you have a harness on...I know i cried and someone had to push me in order for me to jump...kowaii yo!

demo, he did it in the end....and had some fun in it...though i bet in his heart he screamed more than he could scream out loud!


yeah...haha, think most will tear...not as extreme as me..crying away...
tt's why i can never watch sports games...the adrenaline of wanting some group or someone to win can be an emotional event for me..haha, it's funny since they are the ones competing and I'm just a spectator..


deshou?! i'm also kinda afraid of heights ne...demo i still ride theme park rides....lolz!!! trying to conquer my fear XD

i do hope he really enjoyed ne. mah~ poor bebeh...he lost during the dome deshou? that must have even more kowaii~! @______@

so high ne?


yeah...the dome one..it's easier when u do it with your frens...coz you get distracted...but when u do it on your own...kowaii!

ah, theme park rides...never been on the roller coaster and not intending to be on one, even if someone drags me there..will claw my way out of it..haha


hahahaha!!! you know the scariest ride i've ever experienced? it would be THE CLAW in a theme park in gold coast >.< ah~ and the abyss/oil drop! kowaiiiii~!!! >.<

hahaha!!! sou ne? so i was really proud of bebeh and rida to do it at the domes yo~! XD 


yeah! despite their reluctance, they still did it! hehe, if me, think they'll have to run and catch me first and chain me to the rope if they want me to do it...



at least i didn't see rida turn white ^^;


*hugs bebeh*

mah~  still love you bebeh! XD


True! Normally, I like to play sports which is why watching sports is weird for me. Then again, it's nice to just watch and comment, etc.

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