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The male athletes are too busy talking and draping themselves on each other, I doubt they notice the females. Whereas the females are obviously drooling over our boys particularly over the hime HAHA.

Ohno was so impressive!!! He's really showing them that behind the "duh"-look, he is one damn good athlete from badminton to rope-climbing (that was so cool) to bowling. I wanted to see him interact with Choi Hong Man, that big Korean K1 wrestler. That guy is so damn adorable too.


Really really?Woo..Sho's type..hmmm.Picturing that now..
I want to catch this!!!
Hugs for the caps^^


kyaaaa!!! neechan, when is this? gwd!! i have no updates>_<


haha, the way he was concerned abt his nails after doing tt apple challenge! was laughing so hard abt it!

yeah, he is INDEED a silent killer! hehe, he's quiet but managed to always be the one able to go against the pro! and they best thg he's always surprised abt his ability...think this boy...if he wasn't so laidback, he would have been a great sportman!

the ropecliming was uber cool! I was like, woah, he could do it, yet he was making a face tt says, I'm weak, can't do these thgs...

hehe, deinitely the girls are checking our boys out..look at the way they praise our boys when they do stuff!


hehe, at least I think it's his type...i mean she's beautiful and has a good figure...
haha, I enjoy capping..esp when they capture gd facial expressions! no probs!


ah, it was yesterday..Christmas....but the downloads was up like 2am in the morning today...so you din miss much...go check it out at your own time ^______^


ohhh sou ne~ ahehe better check my mail ^_^ arigatou neechan 


Hehe it hurts lor! Crushing apples with bare fingers *poor baby* XDDD

I am so glad they push Ohchan to do all sort of things. I kind of wish the camera focused on the faces of the athletes because I so wanted to see their reactions but just hearing all the "WOOOAAAHHH!!!" was enough - you know everyone really in disbelief.

It's not a matter of can he or can he not do it BUT he did it and went up very high even WITHOUT harness somemore... our monkey captain never even realised what he did is amazing - all he wants to do is sit back down lol.

I think I laughed so much when the ladies were supporting hime for that swimming challenge and Sho commented about it since it was his group. Hehe she's not his type because his type yang kat depan tu :P But hmmm *cough* I do think that volleyballer and also the tennis player all were crushing on Shochi.


kat depan mane? yg mane satu? i wanna see :)

haha, Sho must be jealous coz altho he got all the girls..he didn't get all of their attention ^___~

tu ah, he managed to go up without any aid and impromptu..no training!

but did you see when he stood beside his team member for the bowling...he looks so small between the 2 giants!


haha...go go...you have a lot ne...


Yang DEPAN tu yang berenang :P si hime lah! Hahahahaha.

Nah, he wasn't jealous because during the bowling he got to impress them.

Ohchan walking off like an ojisan is so typical him haha I wanted to hug him so badly then.

He is small stature but good overall!


haha! you really got me there! never in my mind would i have guessed!
yeah...he really milked all the kakkoiness he has in that bowling pose...betul tgk mcm pro seh!
haha, oh-chan is funny..after he bowled, the way he bent and looked at the thg, very ojisan...and the way he walks...very ojisan...it's like this guy's movement is inconsistent...one moment he looks like an ojisan..another moment, he's like a born athlete!


who didn't watch the video. i post it in my blog. It's really good. Nino so cute with his spanish.

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