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sou ne?

i was ROFLing when he couldn't talk coz he wanted to eat the chicken! XD

it was chicken...i think ^^;

i love his hair there too!!! ^^


haha...he seemed to be more interested in the food than the girls and talking...haha....love it when he came in and suddenly all the girls went kyaa kyaa! hehe,they mentioned aiba and his bdae and the audience went kyaa kyaa again...it felt very funny to me coz in the beginning when the female hosts were doing the intro, it was like so quiet....it shows, TBS made the choice to bring in Sho in order to get the ppl ard, haha!


hahahahahah!!! sou yo~!!! ^________^

and i think his conversation with the boy who won the item was just so cute!! ^^

like he was waving and all!!! and him wearing a suit even made it funnier yo~! XD coz he was lke all matue with the wuit demo waving like a kid! XD

ei ei~ anibo's got the mezamashi clip already ne ^_~


i was like....ii na....tt person is soo lucky to be called by Sho! and then it was a boy! haha, Sho must be happy since the present is smthg a boy will love and also maybe coz if it's a girl, she'll prob scream a lot!

ara, mezamashi clip?


hahahaha! if it was a girl, she could've fainted already yo~! XD

hai hai~!!!! this am's mezamashi clip ne ^_~

perhaps arashi CB also have it already ne! ^


omfg!! sho sho!!! he's so kakkoii!! neechan, what word can use that describes sho?? more on  kakkoii XDDD


SHO-KUN! *falls over and is awed the whole time*


Kyaa~!!! ShoKun is so kawaii~!!!


are?! hmmm, will zoom off to check out -->


haha, more than kakkoii? hmmm, god?! haha!


I like the first pic a lot..haha, feel as though he's kissing you..hehe, i find it cute that he was playing with the mascot while the rest were talking...lil chibi Sho yo!


Yeah, except that it's the microphone in front of him.

And the pic where he is eating, it's as if he's that gluttonous...LoL.


hehe, in a way all our boys are! but at least he covers his mouth when he wants to talk with his mouth full...unlike Aiba baby who always talks with food in his mouth..amazing thing is that none of the food bits actually flew out of his mouth haha!



wonder how AibaChan does that? Yeah, and i think I remember him talking while eating...probably in one Shukudaikun episode? Hmmm, but AibaChan was still so funny...hehehe


haha, think he does it a lot of times..in AnS and also in GRA..keke, he's a cute pet or teddy bear everyone wants to keep!


Hehe...I actually think of AibaChan as a rat or a squirrel...LoL

But still an adorable guy~!!!


THe first pic is making e laug really hard...Sho kun is erally cute!!! *and handsome..just lve seeing him in a black suit!! XD*



yeah...future PM..his waves are beginning to look more and more like those PM waves...hehe, first pic...chuuu!!!

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