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hahaha!!! so kawaii deshou? can't wait too! ^^


yesh!!! must watch junnosuke!


i totally know what you mean XDDD

and when i saw he had Doumyoji hair i couldn't breathe for a few minutes ^^;


yesh...the evolution of the Domyouji hair has taken for the better! keke, maybe coz Domyouji is finally gettin married? so he needs a good hairstyle to charm Makino over haha!


hahaha you learn from your mistakes ne?

but to be honest i do like Junpon with curly hair XD


haha...i like him in wavy hair..makes him really look gd....curly hair is also great but not too curly...too curly jus hides his kakkoi nature!


i think he has naturally wavy hair... hardly ever see it straight ^^; but yeah it does look the best like that... still it doesn't mean that his curly hair doesn't look good - and pfft kakkoii nature? didn't today's shukudai just kill that notion? XD

i think his coolest haircut is the one from the jidai/kindachi era XDD


yesh! most def! guys who has curly hair and look good, to me are naturally good looking...since it is a hard look to carry...yepz..his naturally waxy hair jus makes me wanna like ruffle and run my fingers thru his hair...

ah, I fell in love with Jun in kindaichi..haha, always credit the hair and cheekbones for it!


eee???hontou?! mitaiiii mitaiiii....
Junpon sounds like JUN-ken-PON to me XD
should wait until somebody kind to upload :P
*dyingggg hereeee....


ah haha....jun-ken pon! tt's funny yo!

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