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mah mah~!!! france loves arashi yo~! XDDDDD


wow..nice stats...but i really mad with the list..yes,france loves arashi but they love tohoshinki very much...y they(people of france) really need and love tohoshinki(korean boy group)...its not i hate them but it seems tohoshinki always beat arashi and the rest of japan artists except the best pop album tho...looks closely minna...it seems tohoshinki is really hot rite now...noo...arashi for dream~  : )


yay! arashi rocks!!!


haha, well tvxq is an ok grp...the thing abt korean grp is tt their publicity for their stars are very intense...so yeah..anyway, they are not too bad..think it has to do with the hallyu movement...but as long as arashi is in the charts...I'm already happy!


yesh! hehe, I'm really proud of the boys...esp since they belong to the golden age generation...just surprised tt i dun see the likes of kinki kids here...


owh yeah...this is the golden age of JE idols,arashi,news and Kat-tun....kinki kids a lil bit old but still hot..haha. : )

the last MS i watched when koda kumi performed with tohoshinki..i think the song was the last angel..nice song actually...i thought they were j group since they kinda cool group but its not..haha.cant wait this week MS...tomari & dou mariko,okairi..welcome back!! >.<


yesh! france loves Arashi and they made sure everyone knows about it! YOSH!!

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