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the naked truth about life is...nothing is easy... T_____T

remember about the vacation that i told you in MSN? hehehehe...maybe you should have that honey, not to make the problem dissapear ( i wish hahaha..) but to let go a bit of burden...

as for you dear, you need to deal with human being ( i understand that...) which apparently different in their own way... and being a human..we have the greatest gift... a brain and the ability to adapt to surroundings.... it just a matter of time honey, i am sure you will adapted to it

face it as a challenge and be a strong-will woman.. you are going to make through. and we will always here for you 








yep..next wk, I'll bring my stick and pipes along...apparently can't bring my kasa coz they will laugh at it...so need to be more yankumi yo! now, if only i can bring a baseball bat...haha, yesh, I was really tempted to use a baseball bat to whack them...

well, i'm preparing myself...according to my mentor, if i can teach here, i can teach anywhere..hmmmm...

haha, yep yep, vacation after the 10 wks..haha, maybe al of us can coordinate and all of us haf vacation together...wakaka!


I somewhat am experiencing what your talking about but in a different way.
I just wanna say that this thing happening to you right now is like a big wall that you have to destroy or pass by. You are such a strong girl, not like me whose a complete crybaby... never give up ne~ show them what youve got!

... i hope that helps, *gives you more *HUGGGSSSS*



dear, i wish i can hug u for real right now.

i got no wise things to say. cause im depressed and mad at the right time too. so i wish u can be happy ne~~

cheer up yo!

*im always in MSN yo!* i miss u there, dear!


hhahahahah yeah should bring some pipes and show them how "yankumi" you can be. you go girl!!

i think your mentor was right... if this is the worst place...you can survive anywhere ^_______^V


ahhhh...good idea~~!!

vacation together....where? paradise island? kekekekekekekekekeke


family problem?  i really dunno what to neechan.. but YOU can do it!
i know you're strong and matured enough to surpass it ><

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