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hahaha the skirt flying part's so funny *ROFL
ganbatte ne! be like yankumi :D


yesh! one of my colleagues wore skirt..and when we were at the 5th level, her skirt, which is long, mind you, flew up a lil...wah, abunai yo!




are those munchy's donuts i see??
yum..yum...my favourites XD


muahaha, they are JCO donuts..but donuts...they all look the same..haha, but i like the choco ones...chocolicious!


lolz honey~

you know what i think?

i imagine you to be yankumi and those boys are being led by the infamous sawada shin! XDDDDD

i don't know, i just had the idea in my head after i read through your post XD

honestly, i also don't enjoy it when VMV is being discussed with me. hahahah! demo i try my best to abide nonethelss, being part of the organization and all >.<

ahhhhh~!! dare?! is icemizu chan one of the girls in the pic? ^_________^

i think ma-bear liked the chocolates best XD


haha, yankumi janaidesu!

yep yep...i jus dun like speeches, they bore me!

yep yep...she's one of them..haha!

ma-bear cannot keep his eyes off the chocs...really looking at them very intently!


hahaha!!! just thought of it esp when you said you sounded like you're from a mob or something XD

heehee...dochi? icemizu chan ga? ^^

hahahaha!!! acoz the chocs really look maximum umai yo~! XD


haha, come to think of it..haha, yeah...the tot somehow appears...wakaka! yankumi...hmmm, thnk will be the opp of yankumi...but if i can be yankumi..ii ne...

icemizu-chan...hehe, shall we let the girl say herself? wakaka, she's one of the two girls..keke!

yep yep...i like oreo donuts!


hahahaha! nah~ you must be like yankumi...so you can handle even the mischievous boys! XDDDDD

heehee...ok then...let's wait for icemizu chan!XD

ehhhhh?! are the last ones donuts too?! >.<


coming thru..coming thru....

skirts! hehehehe i remember one time in primary school the boys used to put a small mirror on their shoes and stand near to my English teacher who apparently wearing skirt...from that moment i stop wearing skirt to school >.<

haaa~~~~i didnt expect you have that candid pic kekekekeke looks like we discussing something serious hahahahaha owh, that would be Nino's hot stuffs ne...

me should be besides Siti deshou? tralalalalalala.....


wakaka...tt's the thg they were warning us abt..coz sppsdly last few mths, a teacher had filed a report agst some boys...well, got my pants just now...haha, 3 pairs..enuf lar...though they all haf almost same colour..haiz...boys' sch banyak nye trouble seh...

haha, blame it on sharifah..i din even know she took it...just like tt pic where i was doing tt peace sign n not look at the camera...simply coz i din know..zzz...she's expert pappa! oh yes, if she cld record our convo..haha, imagine the hilarious laughters everyone will haf..esp our dear H-member..wakaka!

maggi-dear, can u now guess who's icemizu-chan?


haha, she has revealed herself...keke!
hmm, mus dig my gokusen dramas and learn from her yo...
and maybe learn some self-defense moves..haha...just in case...


hahahaha yeah, Sharifah the papa!! that time was fun yo! maybe nextime we should headed to Damansara or Petaling Jaya hehehehehehehe....


boys school really...can be troublesome.. i was a student in girls school and our school is besides boys school... i remember i was on my way to bus stop and walking in front of this boys school with my friends and they throw a small firecracker/mercun on my feet...idiots! hahahahahahah.....funny when i think about it...

gaahh~~i can imagine.... T__T


you are our vox's yankumi yo!

maybe should bring the umbrella back just in case hahahahaha....

first thing first...find your KUMA first..so you can have an ally XDDDDD


Perhaps it would be easier to manage a bunch of boys if you run the class in mafia style.

The skirts...well...good luck in stocking the pants then.

What are express classes and Normal A classes?


hahahaha!!! then that would be so cool~!!! kicking your mischevous students' butts! XD


ah haha..well, express is considered the average kids or above average kids, in terms of their academic ability...normal academic is considered to be slightly before average..those who nearly made it but cannot make it to the express class...there is another stream, the normal technical..usually for students who are academically poor...

haha, yep, bought 3 pants..it shld last me thru 2 wks i guess...until i get my pay and stock more..wakaka!


haha, boys can be super idiots especially ard this age!
haha, well, i aspire to be yankumi yo!
haha, sou yo! need to find my own kuma..so i can build up my allies!


haha, yep yep! tho i think i jus drag them to the general office to see the principal..dun wan to waste my energy..wakakak!


Ah...thats quite interesting actually. I've never been in a school system that separated students like that... except for my 12th grade...there were a couple of classes that only advanced students could take. But its definitely interesting to know that students really are separated like that and its not just made up in dramas!!!


well, it's gd and bad..since it's a national education system...sometimes it can create trouble for the diff streams...the thg i dun really like abt it is tt it creates some stereotypes which may not be true...think of 3D in Gokusen..wakaka! but i guess everything does haf stereotypes..haha


Yeah...everything has its own stereotype...

haha...Gokusen 3D...then you can be like Yankumi like maggi-chan said!!!


ah haha...well, i saw one of the classes tt i'll be taking over for the 10 wks and haha, there seems to be some characteristics of gokusen 3D in there..haha! 

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