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obviously he's trying so hard to be a mother f*ker lah. dont admit defeat to him.. ganbare!!
btw you watch himitsu conf. already? they are so teasing fans lah!!! >//<


ya lor! such an f*up a-hole s.o.b.....

oh yesh! watched the conference...omg...they teasing the fans, and for H-heavy fans like me, wakaka, it's like paradise....desperate to get tt particular poster yo...tho if can unzip the real thg...better..wakaka!


i honestly think he's got something against you.

coz that's not how a supervisor should act at all >.<

he should give feedback, yeah. but it's to make your work better and easier. not put you down. but i guess in every company there's are such selfish people >.<

selfish coz when they someone better than them, they put them down! insecured i may also add.

demo don't let him get to you. show him all the more what you've got and what you're really made of. if he's thinking he could put you down, well he better think again! ne? ^___________^

gambatte honey~!!! don't let that jerk put you down!!! *huuuuuugs*



i think he's really a very anal big bastard who is full of himself...just coz he has a bloody successful company tt teaches innovative teaching doesn't mean tt he does not allow other kinds of teaching and administration....haiz, I am so gg to be myself and just improve and do my best...if he can't accept it but my tutors are able to...den he is really a big-ass jerk!

thanks dear...now off to prepare for my war ^_____________^
with arashi and my loverly vox family with me, gambarimasu yo!


hes one of the worst supervisors there is T_T
if he really wants a work done as what he expects he should tell
you fully and clearly ne? hes too much arrhgggggghhhghggghghgh!

we have to face people like him in our life ne... so you just have to
kick his freakin ass out by showing him what youre made off....

go dear! you can do it! gambarre~♥


yeah! precisely!
tt's what's making me pissed, that he's inflexible and anal abt stuff that he never considers that wat i was taught may be different...

yosh! gambarimasu! will work hard and well!


i hope you got him! XD

let him eat up all he has told you! hahahahah!

mah~ jerks like him has no place in a learning institution yo! or the children might copy his jerk-iness! XD (if there's such a word! XD)

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