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it must have been kowaii >.<

demo honey, you're right, you know you did everything you can and that is what's best. ^_~

just give them all you have and all you can...and in the end, you will be proud of what you've accomplished ^_~

what's important is you did what you like best---teaching and gave those children knowledge! ^_~ 



ahhh~ ganbatte yankumi!
school ne.. they dont teach what you're gonna face in the real-world.. happens all the time.. me too tough time in a company i know nuts about the services they provide for people ahha! gah we get by ne and hopeful learn something much more valuable than from the the text and exams in school!
go punch some bags and start fresh! you can do it :D


*hugs tight*
what matters most is you did all you can... you did your best!
thats the spirit~♥


hi...its been a while...ive been busy too and i guess both of  us are having the challenges of our lives at this time..

Never think of it as a failure or screwing up..you did your best..and all you have to do is learn from this experience and think of the best way to deal with it..


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