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hahahahahah!!! OMGGGGGG!!!

when i watched it, i was like covering my face (imagine that! XD)  and i can feel i was blushing! hahahahhaha! like that girl/reporter(?) who unzipped rida's(?) pants...after re-zipping it, she was like...all hazukashi na! XD

coz i was thinking, what could arashi be thinking while they see their pants being unzipped?! hahahhahaha!!!

omggggggggg!!! NOW how could we possibly shy away from H thoughts?! HOW?!!!! hahahahahha! XD



i seriously wanna hug the person who tot of this...i mean really damn good promotion yo! luckily it's the reporters who were there and not us fangirls...if so...i dunno wat we'll do!...i know i will rush to someone's pants and unzip it fast and peek in...wakaka! and i mean the real one..not the poster...

sou yo! with such innovative ideas, who can shy away from the H tots....

and ah haha...i think they might be having some H tots too..i mean they are boys after all..keke


i still havent checked nor watched it yet T_T...
this is what i get when watching to much jdramas... LOL XD
but you know I was quite surprised to see zippers in my neighborhood
updates page... LOL XD


wakaka! yesh! i saw the zippers and got cuious...saw the details got high! haha, and early in the morn somemore! i was just giggling and giggling in the staffroom on my own, luckily my colleagues were busy teaching


mah~ i bet tthose reporters even dreamtn of unzipping our boys!!! >.<

daym! so lucky!!! XDDDDD

ahhhhh~ whoever thought of it is PURE genius. or was she a fangirl too? hahahahha! XD

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