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To me, Shige used to be the most ignored member of NEWS until I came to read his Nikki at Binan. I love his imaginary cat. The man got a way with words.

I think his the only idol that manage to bait fans with his writting.


NEWS was in animax? that means, I MISSED ARASHI ON BIG SCREEN TV



yesh! i love him simply because of his eloquency and play of words...this boy is a damn genius no matter wat he says abt the reason why he went into law...

hehe, for me, jun n shige the same coz they bait me with words(not to mention their looks!!!)..jun with his speech while shige wih his writing...

yesh dear, arashi was on last wk on animax...i watched all but 2 of the screenings and repeats...crazy me, but it was fun..this wk, i watch actually coz i wan to see Arashi's name being announced as number 1 on the single ranking..wakaka, satisfying feeling yo!


Indeed, Shige's got all my love since I started reading his essays. I totally love his writing and the way he turns such simple things into really interesting issues ^____^ 

Ohh you guys are lucky, you can watch MS performaces on TV! =O And ARE? I didn't notice Pi's ehem! XDDDD *runs to watch it again xD*


awww, he is so adorable ne? and his writing for me is remarkable... its so meaningful and surprisingly deep...  I just finished watching his drama Papa to musume nanokan(i dont know if nanokan is correct)? he is so adorble there... hahah... 


ah haha...i din really notice also until i saw it on the big screen which makes things more clear..wakaka! and also coz my eyes were gg up and down each member....which by the way, Shige's butt is cute and perky..keke!

yesh...he does make us think abt the things we take for granted at times...and i love it coz you really get to see wat he is thinking...i rem a member saying tt during meetings abt con...shige will immediately tell everyone his ideas...things tt has been gg on in his head...remind me so much of jun...the concert leader kind...except tt shige is more of the concert choreographer..keke!


ah! papa to musume...i was jus smiling and feeling embarrassed watching it..not coz shige's acting is bad...more like i blush...can so imagine me being the girl having a crush on shige...and if shige does return my love...uwa, hazukashii yet cho exciting!

u know, there was this one part where shige was running towards aragawa yui...i was blushing all the way....haha, too hot!


OMG... that is so true... I was like squealing the whole time >.< 

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