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you are so QUICK!! so many screencap. thanks

I haven't even finished download.

next week's preview show that nino will be on gakko e ikou again !!  tanoshii



siti-chan...arigatou for the caps...WANNA WATCH IT SO BADLY!
I'm still stuck in office....*still crying in one corner..NINOoooo~~~


wakaka...well as i was watching, i was capping away...haha, at first slow..but the many practice of past shows has made me quicker...demo, the fixing up takes more time...and choosing the better ones from all the caps..

haha, i will dl like in the wkends...wakaka...cannot have distractions during the week while i work...

yesh..next wk...i wonder wat will happen...


eh? still in office?but den me no better, tho at home, still need to do work for work tml..haiz...and yet here i am doing this..wakaka! well, i miss doing caps and fangirling during the week...

make sure u come home safe aite!...dun cry in a corner...let's just think of Nino as being Nino...haha, such a teaser!


Kyaa... they all look choooo kawaiiiiii

Thanks for the caps

Can't wait to watch it properly!!!


aWhh~ arigatou siti-chan ^^ *huggiess
gambatte for your tomorrow's preparation!!

HE...don't worry.We know he's just being a Nino....it's just that the 'kiss' was kinda his first 'public' kiss...ahhh our dear 17-yrs old boy has grown up....


you spoil me hehehe  and I lvoe it kyaaaaaaa


I agree with you i can't resist him T-T he iss just too HOT (cute all in one )for resist u_u xD and I feel so guilty hehehe


hi girl how are you n_n gomen for not posting in this days I haven't internet ^-^hope you are ok this days

thanks for the caps n__n  Nino what don't sorprise me his reaction XDD

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