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4. maybe you're too kawaii to ignore?^^
6. yeah! ohno is cool even for his gender and your brother is lucky to recognize that XD
7.yep, he's baka yet pretty and loveable<33
9.understand that feeling,
11.lol, mago2 is soo good ne^^
12.agreed, it's bad for our stymulation coz, well, overdose @__@
13.yay! and the boys were still very2 young and cuute and they did whatever they liked^^


4. I kept wanting to shout otousan! when he does it, coz he's really acting like a parent disturbing his kid when he does it, haha, tho most of the time, i just pouted at him >_<
6. It's always gratifying and thrilling when a non-fan appreciates and begins to see why we fans love them...maybe in future will bait him more!
12. so bad for our blood stimulation coz much of our blood is bled out with nosebleeds and what not! He's too smexy! I hate it at times>_<

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