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I'm a student myself but i can tell you,generations are sooo different now.Even in my sec school.the lower secs and upper secs are like from two different worlds.Even my teacher said,my generation,stop from here.The new batch are all super different(not to forget,very naughty).


ah haha...i know wat u mean...i have siblings who are still in sec sch...so i am not tt far off...and i think there is a lot of diff as the diff batches go by...during my practicum..u can really see the diff...when the lower sec move on to upper...somehow there's thgs tt change in them...they remain bratty but in a diff way...


Hopefully when you become a teacher,the batch won't differ so much as compared to our batch.
True true.But the sec 1s in my school,are all too matured.In the sense that what they do,is what my batch won't do when we're in sec 1.World's changing like they said.Haha.


haha...i really think it depends on the batch..one may come in super naughty...den suddenly the next one, very quiet...haha, somehow it becomes a year thg...but generally kids now are more vocal abt their rights and what they shld be getting...


Yea.You are right!even in my batch,there's also the 'don't-study-and-fail-type','naughty-but-still-score-well-type' and the 'day-and-night-study-type'.lOls.Can really see the difference.
Hope you get good students when you start teaching!


i know siti-chan...its really hard for kids like who are like tt...

daijoubu...i know you'll do great as a teacher...akiramenaide ~hugs~

try a yankumi routine if all else fails..kekeke...


yeah...fighto-oh! hehe, sou, will not give up...after all, i went thru hell before...so, if i can survive tt, this shld be survivable...

i just pity my aunt coz her son is like tt...and the sad thg is tt we cld do nothing abt it...actually our family tried to do smthg abt it...but our words fell on deaf ears...and now tt this has happened..it's really beyond our family's ability to help her..sadly...

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