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hai hai hai, but u know what it's prob just a temp thing, hold it out and it'd get better.




siti, since it's hard for you to have an option, just think of your students as aiba chan.

Imaging.. You teaching aiba english~ XD

aaahhh.. i miss you! *pokes*

<3 i just saw my kindaichi files.. i wonder if i'd watch it too... i just into ohno right now.. [must find ohno satoshi vids] ^^


I <3 the song you embedded.... Gimmick Game is love.


ah haha...oh man...now tt u mention it...it'll def be inside my head whenever i see the students...i will somehow imagine aiba sitting at the back...and also Jun! since he is learning English now!

haha, i miss u too!!!! feeling better? i hope u are...

haha, totally into kindaichi now....and gakkou e ikou!

haha, somehow, i feel like i wanna listen to nino singing tt song many many times...


~hugs tight~ mah..mah..akiramenaide siti-chan..>_< i'm having a hard time here at work too..i might fail my final asesments..

anyhooooo...i have faith in you siti-chan...let's sing!! gambarou sa!!!

kekeke...yappari, Annie-chan is right with her motivation..think of your students as Aiba-chan...>_< if it were me i'd think of Sho and how to iron out his pronunciation..he still talks kinda funny sometimes even if his grammar is correct..~hugs shosuki~

To sho: i'm not teasing you ne...just want to help you be understod by the rest of the world.

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