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ahh siti!!! blue is choosing you ne!!!

actually that happened to me too. When I was in HS, i love blue! i so love blue.. but when I turned 18, gifts, and things bought... all were pink. I thought.. I wanted to have blue colored things... but all i have recieved were pink... soo.. i decided then... ok.. it;s pink for me.. ~ and i was happy..

hahahaha.. its lie a fairy tale story..

ANYWAY siti! it's not yet confirmed but there's an insy bitsy possibility i might go to Singapore for a Game Convention.. and my company might sponsor us there.. if so! WE HAVE TO MEET! hahaha.. <3


wow~ so you love neechan?

dunno but i guess am really weired..i love red but most of my stuff is pink ><"
but i really dun like pink that much...i find it to much girlie

but i still think it;s cute XDDD


ah! games convention....if it's happening soon, i think i know which one you mean! oooo...if u are coming, we HAVE to meet!! and fangirl and have LOADS of fun! haha..
well, it's not tt i hate blue..jus tt it really makes things look imbalanced in terms of colours..haha, it's like my wardrobe and things, if it's not blue, it's black....but there seems to be an increase in purple and grey..haha! i'm trying to get more whites, greens, yellows and reds...to makes things more balanced...i hope..haha, coz at the rate tt i'm gg in terms of saving and arashi stuff..haha, clothes and other necc spending seem to take a back step....or rather many back steps!


ah haha, i do love blue! jus tt i feel thgs need to be more balanced..i suddenly realised there's blue everywhere...pencil case, clothes, notebook, file...even my ds lite is blue!(tho i dun mind a purple...if they do come out with one)

ah, i can't stand pink...coz it's too girly..i really avoid pink at all cost...so far..the only pink tt i can stand is pink that is more purple-ish or violet than pink..haha, hard to explain...but as long as the main colour is not pink,i am ok..wakaka!



with wardrobe.. yes. it has to be balance. well anyway whatever you think is nice is the way to go.. most often i also wear black and blue. but now. my wardrobe has a mix of white, orange and yellows and pinks... i dunno i prefer black and blue.. they are low maintenance too~

yess.. yes... we have to meet! fufufufu.. i hope that there's a game convention! <3


de photos.... nice!!!!!!

hahah checkers ><

*same old sentence* jiayou for jap hehe 


oh yes! black blue and grey are my staples now..tho white and purple...are usually roped in for mix and match....

haha, once u haf confirmed..pm me yo! ^ ^


ah haha...yeah...as usual my mind was wandering...so decided might as well take photos...so at least i dun appear so spaced out...

the checkers...saw at dorothy perkins...they are having sale..50% off...but me gonna wait a while more...let the price go down..haha!

gambarimasu...as long as i get 70 and above and pass, can lar...


sure sure...

anyway.. our manager just hinted me on this...

Manager: Annie, do you have a passport?
Me: Yep. Why?
Manager: Well we don't know but you might find yourself in Singapore by September...
Me: ehhh? what?
Manager: *winks* hahahaha...it's a secret..


ill pm you for sure!


I am controlling myself not to buy some stuff too @_@I need to remember I have pending Arashi stuff to pay for @_@*looks at wallet*

What a nice trip... Singapore is one of my must see places in the world.I hope I can go there~ and maybe meet you! yey!


oooooo! tt's a huge hint! especially when he ask u abt ur passport and says tt it's a secret!!! haha, if u come, i can't wait!!


i know! these 2 mths, i'm like watching wat i spend on arashi, jus so tt i can increase my wardrobe with work clothes..esp since i'm starting work soon....

if u are coming, jus pm away and we'll be sure to welcome u with open arms ^ ^


hahahahaha that made my tension go up! haha. i wanna see you too~ can't wait.. fufufu


buwahahahha am also trying to avoid them now ><" it's my mom who keeps on buying pink stuff for me then whenever am out, and see pink stuff i'd go "kawaii" then if ever i have money, i buy it AHHAHAAHA

common colors you can see inside my room is pink, red, blue, white

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