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personally i dink it's better to be fierce at first then let go slowly ( when they show themselves to be of better behaviour). it's just easier lah later on....... one of my colleagues told me that there is such a thing as an " unhealthy rapport", where the kid sees the teacher as a friend and not as a teacher. it can get damn problematic too so i'd definitely go for being fierce first and relec slowly later.

easier said than done of course, hope i can pull off a fierce mug for at least a mth before i let go.

as for the kids doubting you and all, hell it's the worst for us teachers who join in the middle of nowhere. im also wondering how they will take to me but oh well, it will get better over time as long we keep on trying i guess. : P


well, I wouldn't know what to suggest since I was never a teacher, never will be and wasn't one of the loud students in school... not even towards the end of the high school career

if they're a rowdy bunch... then... hmm be Yankumi ... ne ^__________^


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