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i saw the ball, before the tfp2 ended, they gave the ball to toma and ohno kun, hahaha.. it was split into half....

it was super duper cuteness attack..

may he be irritated or super happy, he's cute in both ways...~ hiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ <3


I missed watching this one. Hoping for downloads. Maybe he can give one to Jun. He won a lot of TV. hahhaha. 


yesh! haha..u shld see when the hosts gave the split ball to them...both of them took in and put in on their heads to be like caps...wakaka!kawaii!

hehe..i love the way riida always says tt he wants to give up but the next moment he's so full of concentration and earnestness...keke


ah haha...sou ne...since jun is trying to build his dream movie theatre....wakaka...if riida had won the blu ray set tt toma had asked...most prob jun will be asking riida to give it to him..keke!


Hmm... everyone has been commenting on Riida's performance on TFPII

Gotta watch it in the next couple of days when I manage to steal a couple of hours to relax!!!

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