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oh my! i watched this earlier and i agree with the shunxjun pair! plus the first time he cleared the jump! hahaha. XD

somehow i found my way here while browsing in vox. mind if i add you? :)


haha...daijoubu ^ ^...
yep yep...he was apprehensive abt clearing tho he was trying to be confident abt it...keke


waa thank u for this!
I wanted to watch this so badly awhile ago but couldn't ;(
Kawaii mao chan- her goal was 20 just like Riida! And Jun, just so good in darts. Looking at it, they all looked so kakoii and mao chan pretty :)
hoep to be able to watch this!
thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so our boy lost u_u poor baby xD but love when he lost O.O hehehehe hope somebody can upload soon *o*


keke...well, he won some and he lost some..haha! but at the end of the day, as long as he had fun and we have fun looking at him...haha, ok i think!


haha, yes! just like riida, she aimed wat she knows she can get and she gets it...teehee...
i do love their t-shirt...it was really sparkling the whole time and it made everyone look good...sigh....
yesh, hope u will be able to watch this ne...and next wk's too!

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