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i really really hope this is true!

i miss seeing nino in a drama. T__T

Tenjo Style

Ah..the kanjani posts gives credit to a spanish website... if it was an official japanese website, or just a japan blog... I may belive it... but who knows....

I miss Jun's drama... xD


so far, this is the only place i've seen with this piece of news..
i know tt there have been rumors before this abt nino and ryo in the same drama...but not sure if it will come tre....
hope it will

yesh! Jun drama...haha, even tho there is a Jun Attack...i still wan more!
neva mind dear...on his bdae, we will see the ore-sama in his challenging role!


haha, yesh...i wan to see him act as an aniki...tho he did in YTM..but tt's a cute aniki to cute kids..
i wan him to be an aniki to grown-ups!


Eh... doesn't the story sound a little bit like Kurosagi's?

But if Nino is working again, I wouldn't mind watching it. I miss Nino's acting!!!


*falls over* Man, this fall is going to be busy... I might have to watch this during winter break. xD


haha, it does sound a bit like kurosagi right? but all in all, as long as our boys are acting, we will definitely be watching!


fwu~ fwu~ *insert screaming, bleaping, jumping, rolling over and hallucinating here*

I hope its confirmed... to see ryo and Nino in a drama is like... SO GOOD @_@ my two most loved boys are going to be in one drama... kyaaaa~♥


haha, i def know tt if this is true, you will be uber uber happy since it's two of ur fav guys!

tomatshonino will be joya

thanks for sharing this!!


yeah... and now that it is confirmed, I am now starting to be thrifty and awaiting for october, because I know there will be lots of Nino-Ryo in magazine covers XP

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