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sitti-chan....deep breaths dear...come on...akiramenai yo!

~hugs and pats~ there are times when the youth today really don't respect others...we must try our best to show shem the right thing ne...but right now just let it go ne...please...just deep breaths...


i know...the thg is it happened to another person but still i cannot shirk off just like tt since they are under my care...i can't let my charge do anythg they want to other teachers....if it happened to me...yabai...i think most def, they will already haf been dead...

wat happened to her reminded me of the troubles I had before so I understand the pressure and stress she faces...and I do not want her to suffer even more...not like this...esp when it involves her future...


i understand how much you want to bitchslap those kids.. but control.. you must set a good example.  


i am....and i am glad i did...if not, i dunno how to face myself and others...esp since i made a promise to myself to learn to control my temper...

immortal rain

i think this will be one of those things i'll have to work on if ever i become a teacher. i don't often get mad but when i really get off, i would have to work hard to hold myself down. good thing it doesn't happen much (or ever, really). at least you were able to hold yourself off and know that you needed to calm down. kids are a hard bunch to handle...


same here...i dun get mad easily...so far, very few people have seen me getting mad...and really losing it...so this time ard, i was trying hard to make sure tt i dun show my angry self to the kids...coz it will really be trouble...i nearly did..but i kept thinking tt if i let off now, more ppl will get injured...and i do not want tt to happen...gdness, i was really trembling jus now...i got scared myself...coz it came to a pt where the trembling nearly became obvious...

immortal rain

oh wow. i can't imagine myself getting so mad up to that point. yabai ne. kids really can test our patience ne. i can just see how they're all growing up right now and i know i'll have my hands full in the future. but it's definitely good that you had enough self-control to stop yourself. and whatever it is that happened, hopefully, it's resolved now. 


hey siti

i dink sometimes that young ppl may not be deliberately dis-respectful, sometimes they may not be aware that what they do is in-appropriate and unacceptable. that's what i realised anyway. can understand the challenges you are facing and i know that you are trying very very hard. it is evident that you are doing your best as their teacher. this is a hard class!!!!!!!

what my ST told me when i had trouble is that maybe you should try talking to them one to one ( or in groups, depending on your time) and ask them why they are acting this way ( ps: esp so for the naughtier kids). also take the opportunity to tell them your concerns and emphasise that you are more 'disappointed' than angry. that's what the ST told me lah. maybe you've already done that or what i dont know. I tried it and surprisingly it worked a little. i also sms-ed some of the more problematic students too. some responded, others didn't. but most important must get to their point of view and work from there. it may really work................i too am struggling with my kids lah hahaha

whatever it is keep me updated. i know that this is a very stressful and sickening situation to work with, but i think you will pull it off well. dont forget that if things dont turn out ur way, it's not always your fault yah? come on man siti, you've been throu worse times and you did OK!! i tell myself that everyday too haha that not all things are my fault. and if it doesnt work out, we try another way!

feel free to sms me abt this OK. as fellow teachers, we must support each other!


haha, indeed, i have been thru worse than this...for me...it just makes me fuming mad tt they are doing this to another teacher...am def gg to pick them up one by one and just get straight to it....ya...precisely, i was trying hard to not be angry at them coz it reminded me of what happened to me before...i dun wan her to have the same experience...tho i think hers is less traumatic than mine...

how's ur prob class? gambare! i know tt u are also working hard to get tt class down!


ahhhhhh some people around us are always out to make us crazy..
GANBARE~ since we cant run away from them..

your students will understand someday!


keyword ---- one day....


~hugs~ wakatta..i really do..i've had my share of unruly kids..i used to be a private academic tutor..so yeah..it comes with the territory ne...


its a bit like gokusen i guess..gambarou♥


sou da yo...muzukashii ne...demo, gambarimasu! arigatou ne, really appreciate it^ ^

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