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i was watching jun's dorama just now too... and i fell in love with his acting once again. <3


haha..he is good...and this time, the role is more challenging coz he needs to show diff kinds of emotions and take up the role of a father...smthg tt is quite new to him also...

Tenjo Style

I only watched the first minuts... what a lovely papa... I was falling in love, and I know that this will be more hard to watch the rest of the dorama... I will watch it another day... I didn't want to cry in his birthday....

Fruit cake sounds really delicious! ^_^


keki wa mecha umai yo!

hehe...well, it was indeed touching and very inspiring..
but i din cry..maybe coz i was concentrating fully on hime and flailing at his ultra hotness..haha

but it's a good dorama to watch yo!

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