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haha otaku buddy! i saw this adorable little boy and guess what his shirt wrote: shota! it's like, " damn, can i like rape you right now???". by the time i reached there so crowded cant even see who's in front of me. but yeah there were cute guys here and there, but i thought the gals looked more impressive! somehow i suspected u were stalking some poor fella when u didn reply my sms. hehehe. and i was RIGHT. is it just me but birds of a feather flock together? the cute ones will all congregate in a bloody group, it's insane. next time i must go early, and pray it doesnt rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! till then....... OMG WASEDA!!!! i wonder if anyone is gonna follow me for that one but if no, let's stick together and stalk ppl like crazy ok????????


sugoii..he seriously looks like sho-kun..haha..should take his email or something..


muahaha!! yes the cute ones are all in a grp...the one tt i took photos of..tt guy was in a group..half of them are not bad looking...and the best thing was tt they were at some of the places we went to and we keep seeing them..haha!!

wat me stalking until neva see ur sms...more like i sms u 2 times, u neva reply...den i can't be bothered..haha...but seriously my phone was in my bag...so i din feel the vibrations when it rang...

wakaka! waseda...u join me and my frens lar....i got the feeling when u were with ur fren, like ur chances of fangirling like reduced..haha, no offence to ur fren but i get the feeling tt u will do this kind of crazy thgs like stalking when u are with me and not with others..haha! and dun worry...my frens also as crazy..haha!


yes u are right! my fangirling got reduced by ALOT. cos she not into this kind of thing. but my friend's other friend ( who was also there) also super into BL, so she and me hit it off veri fast. hahaha. yeah if i were with ur frens i dink i might end up hurting myself ( or ppl ard me). so let's meet up OK?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? >_<


all of us were like hitting each other to signal any bishies or ikemen near by....oh...i saw ur fren at the mrt station...with her frens...
haha....can sense ah...the way u focused on ur food and like not much of bishie gazing...wakaka...yesh! waseda...come join us!!

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