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is this a new streaming site neechan? 


ah...well, it's not really new...but it is a streaming site...tvu player...hehe...was a lil too lazy to crop >_<


HAHAHA you can screencap TVU??? I tried but got a blank caps instead!!! WAKAKA...sou sou... our dear chipmunk caster cornered to love confession XP just like aiba-chan with shizuka-chan!! but today's is LIVE ...fufufu

let's cross our finger our internet connection is going to be fine today siti ^^


anou, can you share the link? ^^;;;;; thank you neechan ^__________^


i know!!!!
watching aiba-chan gets his love confession...was just kyaaa!!! and so sweet! my sis was like a lil jealous coz the girl had both of her hands touched and held by aiba-chan..wakaka! and best thing...arashi has replaced kinki kids in her list! which is choo sugoi!

haha, dunno how i can screencap tvu...somehow i jus can...weird but true..haha!

yesh! it better be good...it mayb a lil slow...but as long as it is constant..i am fine...

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