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x___X sitiiii~~~ didn't know you were in such a mood today... sorry sms-ed u in high tension...sigh *gomenne~ blame aiba unbuttoned shirt hotness....Xp

You did your best for your part...they didn't know how much effort you put in setting that...maybe they were just trying to find mistakes to covering theirs too...
At least you did think about your kids, giving them a chance ne~~
Jangan dimasukan ke hati ya...treat it like 'angin lalu'
In terms of my industry, you have built a better portfolio, experienced dealing with 'difficult clients' & 'seniors' who bullies you because we are far more 'junior' so you will toughened up & know how to handle them next time HEHE...

I think for your age & to be able to set a common paper ..sugokunai? I mean, my teachers during my sec times were all in their 40s le~ So you leaped them by halves!!!

Siti chan,ganbatte ne~
Arashi minna-san would understand your situation, you have more urgent priority ^^

Oh...leave aibachan's licking to me please..WUAHAHAHahahahahha *H mode again


hey dear it's OK. i also have to mark and re-mark lor. cos i kept missing out parts. it's sickening but what to do. will get better as we get along!

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