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it happens.

Abusing nice people.

it happens.

I used to trust people quickly, but ived been burned countless times... so im more "cautious?" now.


some people just don't get it. don't let them bother you ne.

I dun forgive ppl easily

me too. but it takes a lot to get into my black books. people should be wary of people like us =P


ah...i see...well, in a way it takes a lot of my patience to wear off before u get into my black book...but in order for u to take the express route...jus do smthg to betray me...then for sure, u can expect ur name to be in my black books...


haha, yesh, they shld be wary of us...hell hath no fury like our scorn!


i guess being in a school...i trust ppl less now or rather i take calculated trust...


actually, at first i wasn't involved...she and me haf neva crossed paths until recently...

it was all by chance...

imagine angering me at the first meeting...

tt's like omg...

den fr tt onwards, the attitude she has...it's jus so f-ed

got fed-up esp since i still tried to be nice and civil and cast aside my bad feelings and animosity...


...omg...what did she did to you??what did she sent you????
is the person 'that person'???

ggggggggggrrr...she still have a face to tell u off like that?!
i don't like creating enemies too but if it's necessary...bring it on~~~
don't worry siti we got your back!!!
*hugsss siti....

Don't worry bout the s***... just relax & set ur paper first
She will just burn in hell...

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