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oooohhh.. those are nice..


ahh thanks for the info O.O but you don't buy this online ToT soo mabe it take me so much get this book , hope find one n_n

thanks ^-^


SOOO NICE @_______@
how much?


i wanna get...

but i cant get!!! *cries*

so in the end u bought it ahh~ anyway you better already?


uwahh! where did you get it? i must ask my obasan to get it for me..uwaaaah!!

must call her this weekend...O_O

Tenjo Style

Do you recomend this photobook? I just bought the Jun paparazzi book xDD


*dies at the Jun pictures*


thanks so much for giving info on this book! looks awesome! I looked it up and finally found it on yesasia here after reading this post, and I think I'll buy it instead of the solo otakara files. <3


thanks for the link.
Now i can place my order at yesasia.
I've been planning to buy the Arashi complete otakara but i'm still waiting for Sho's otakara to be available.
Since it's not available yet i'm gonna order this one instead.
Thanks! ^^


i din get the jun papa book...is it good?

hmm, for me, well, i wld recommend it...but it's like any other photobook...i think some of the pics, def we haf seen before...it's jus tt this book shows a bit more of the DAL pics..


thanks for the insight! looks really interesting yo!

Tenjo Style

I just bought it in yesasia, and now there is this photobook out... doushiyou!!! >____< I haven't received the Jun book yet. Now I will have to order again.... Maybe with the DreamALive and Jun's book I have enough of DAL xD But that Naked photos and Hanadan filming paparazzi photos are awesome!! T/////////T


I haven't seen this at all in Japan!!!! why??? kyaaa!!

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