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1)yes i hate otakus! they are totally in their own world! they were quite mean to us dun u dink? could see they were quite pissed wen we talked so much to the girls! they wanted to tok to em too, those jerks! cant believe they started talking to the gals in japanese and start showing off their skills! so SICKENING. dont u wanna like, push them into the fountain? or smash their damn camera???? >_<

2) yeah sorry i cant appreciate HYD. just not my thing. but the girls were cuuute. but oh man , i LOVE the 2A skit!! is it possible to study when there are so many cute guys in the class? i dink i might just FAIL. T_T

3) i spilled the slime in my bag too leh ( retribution). but gah nvm.

4) isnt it amazing how the guys look cute even when they sleep? why cant we also be the same???? >_<


dun mind me asking but wad is wen's blog ahh??? can share me link? ( ps: yeah cos THAT pose really is hot aint it...? *slurps*).

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