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hey otaku buddy. sorry i dont know what exactly happened but if it's work-related, what i can assure you is that i got problems on my end too! >_<

cheer up soon. take a good break over the long weekend. :)


don't be discouraged...believe in yourself...


thanks for the add ne~~~~ ^_______^


matsujun  (our ichibans) are also workaholics too....(just to make you feel better) :)


sorry grammar mistake..i type again LOL

matsujun (our ichiban) is also a workaholic xD


haha...ya! hime-chan is such a workaholic...and it's making him thinner by the day >_< must go and kidnap him to feed more xiao long bao and teriyaki chicken to make him more healthy!


thanks! will continue to believe in myself...no matter how ppl wan to try to break me down...


yep yep....like how we discussed on msn...
maybe she is jus 'off'
oh...she emailed me again...
after i send the whole package.,,,,
super pissed off again at her reply
but this time i din cry...
i jus shouted and screamed off my frustration...
all the vulgarities come out..
guess the tears have dried up...


anou....i think matsujun is ok now...not that skinny as compared to when he was younger...like when he was still a JE junior x_x that was too skinny.

jun looks perfectly fine to me now...xD haha ^^


ah...haha...when he was younger he still had the paopao kind of cheeks....
but nowadays, esp when he has work...those long hours...pats pats....poor dear...
haha, so far, he's ok..since he has more personal time now...esp with kakushi and hyd f is over...
but in beautiful days pv...yikes...he looks like he needs more food in him ...poor baby hime


ahh really? maybe i didn't notice it carefully in the PV.... ok i will take note of it when the PV is released. >_<

haiz....reading about all those Junstyle translations from kikinini-san's blog really makes me think---matsujun indeed has worked too hard.

but hey, i read recently that jun had time to clean up his room....yeah so i guess he isn't that busy afterall =)


hahaha, well, it is abt time tt he cleaned up his room!coz he has been very busy since the beginning of the year with arashi's activities and his 2 movies...tt finally after HYDF, he has more time for himself and able to clean his room...wakaka! but i guess it's back to work again since the AAA cons have started and Beautiful Days is out...pats pats...poor hime-chan

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