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Maybe you can check back again tomorrow ... if that person really reserved all the copies, Kino wouldn't let her reserve for more than a day?

Jun is too hot lah :D


she reserved the whole CUT of JUN!? wow! maybe she's gonna sell.. for a high high price? but heck! everything!?!?


our kino doesn't allow reservations any more.. but how many copies would have been ordered in? 10- 20?


haha, weird right? gone within 2 mins..ok...thinking back...(now am more calm)..maybe it's 2 person? who knows...
yep yep...it's jus amazing wat sporean fans can do ah...
total amazing...
nah..i jus decided, go order fr hmv japan...not gg to like be huffy and puffy abt it...

ya...jun ah...too hot until sold out in 2min...even hotcakes dun sell tt fast...haha!


i do not know what the person is going to do with all of them..
haha, most prob jus paste her walls with it or smthg..or cld be that the person reserved it for frens..who knows...haha!


well, for kino here...it used to be tt u can preorder waaaay before..which is more unfair coz it's really first come first served...
not sure how many they bring in for this time ard..
if i am not wrong...it should be abt 20 copies since CUT is not as popular as Orista or the JE mags...but still..20 copies..weird deshou?


what?! in 2 minutes? it's like trying to buy con tix online. WTF?! maybe they'll get more copies. ^__^


yesh..it's like calling for tix to the gackt concert...
haha, maybe..
but i learnt my lesson..
get it fr the good old hmv japan...
at least i know it's on the way... >_<


ganbatte! I know you'll get your hands on a copy. It's a MUST!

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