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Glad you are enjoying this coz I love Hiro in this!!! Hope you continue to support this drama ne!! AND PS. Love the Natsu no Owari Ni in your blog its one of my fav Arashi songs! Hugs.........


haha! i was curious coz minna have been raving about the drama...and when i did watch, I am soo glad i was curious! It's really omg! and with Hiro as the charming cool, calm and collected saviour and protector...uwa! i flail even more...each ep took me more than an hour coz i kept rewinding and flailing..hehe

sou sou...Natsu no Owari Ni is def one of my fav...it has this natzukashi happy and sad feeling tt i love...


oh u've watched the drama:DDD


i finally got down to dl-ing them...
watching them again..weee~~


Ha ha ha I watched both episodes MANY times already too ha ha! Yes Hiro is SAIKOU as the cool and gorgeous BEST ranked butler ne!

Yes I love Natsu no Owari ni Omou Koto a lot! My long-time wish/hope is to hear our boys sing this LIVE!


I thnk S-rank is NOT enough! He's much higher!

yesh...and you never get tired of watching him over and over and over right?

Imagine if they sang live..
i def know i will cry...so happy and just bawling away..
tears of joy and happiness~
well, they sang ichioku no hoshi live..
so i have faith tt they will sing this live...
if they do...like you, my wish will be granted...most def!!


Ha ha yup Hiro is and should be much higher than even S rank ne!!

Ya I really wish to hear a lot of Arashi's coupling songs..........


I think we must write more to Jun! ask him if more coupling songs can be included...coz it seems he tends to be the one who inserts more of the coupling songs into the set list...hehehe...yappari, our concert leader!


Yes yes I think we can trust Jun to listen to fans' voices ne!!

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