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*sigh* *pat pat* that's quite a long rant neechan. ><" so men are still dominating huh? i thought gender bias isnt applicable this century. and you're the only female?! not to say you're the youngest! hit them neechan!!! your younger, so your stronger ^^ LOL

did the back stabbed you? how? is it the way you handle the kids? if the kids likes you, dont mind them. you're not at St. John for them, but for you and your choice to be a teacher.


sad to say, no matter how they say that there is no gender bias, woman still haf to ensure that they fight for their rights...and sad to say when we do, they say that we are too aggressive and that is why men are afraid of us..haiz...sheesh!m

yep, most def, i am going to fight for my St John's coz I know they deserve better especially when they have worked hard for years to build a very credible reputation...jus sad that others do not see it...

well, i am not going to do anythg evil to the kids who backstabbed me...but most def that I can't trust them as much...for me, i have no feelings for these boys(thank gdness or i will be more angry abt it)

being a former member myself in my sch days i guess does have an influence on the amount of passion i have for the corp... after all, i learnt a lot in the four years that I was in the corp, and made many frens who are now doing very well in their own field, all thanks to the corp...one is a doctor and the other one is a high profile nurse in a famous hospital...


so fast you're back in your bitchy mode ah.

there is always male chauvinistic pig(MCP) one ahh... sigh. what did those MCP and those sec 1 kids did? they so bloody good to use teacher ah =.=+


venus vs mars battle is always always always there! and especially at work. Boys will always find an excuse to say everything is fair while basking in their glorious biased sunshine. Power is such an aphrodisiac to them... may it be big or small.

What did they do siti?

You know. the best revenge is making them eat your dust. Show them that life is not just about their manhood stuck in their asses. makes me frustrated. Grrr.

anyway, if you want them grilled, call me and ill bring some charcoal for you! *hugs you*


i dun wan to be bitchy ah...but they made me so..urgh...idiotic baka idiots!

more like these sec 1s are jus stupid idiots who think if thhey put their cute faces on, they get the cca they wan...

and tt MCP, he took my kids away..urgh!


it's quite a complicated story..very long one...put in summary, basically i have asshole MCPs for colleagues and idiotic selfish minions for students...

why is it that men, in their deluded confidence ever think that they can do things much better than women? like by far, from what I see, the men in my sch are a bumbling bunch who jus never listens to clear instructions and the valid reasons that follows with every action done...

ohohoho...maybe you can vodoo those charcoal so tt when i grill these nonsensical pigs, they will be so cursed and roasted, burnt in hell and know the pain like they never knew before...

omg...i am such an evil bitch but one has to be the devil in order to survive injustice!

thanks dear for the support!

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