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my goodness sitti-chan!
you just had to post all those mags?
but what really caught my attention was jun-otouto!
uwaaaah~ kawaii~
yappari he also is myopic like me...hehe~
*squishies his face*
i know..the tan suits him ne? i like his look too~

shige haha~ kawaii with the baby ne? pisu! ^_^


haha..the clothes hime is wearing really has the bimbo feeling..but it makes him more kawaii and kakkoi!!!
haha...we are all myopic ppl..who are cute!! muahaha!

shige...i love his current hair...damn cute!!!


kyaaaaaaaaaa~ Jun with specs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and shige with kids? kyaaaaaaa~

i like jun's specs a lot because he looks like Johnny Deep xD

Tenjo Style

waaaaaaaa..... I want those mags *runs to cry on her bed*

The smiles pics are from popolo too? I hope I can get popolo ^_^


the smiles pic and shige's is from Kindai...which surprises me coz i din know he will appear there...i just happened to read the cover and saw Jun's name there...and got it..
daijoubu daijoubu..the scans will be up soon i'm sure..

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