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hi.. nukumi (nukumi.vox.com) is translating it.. she just transltaed nino's i think she will be translating jun's next.. :)


haha..i know..gomen...me an impatient idiot..
jus tt the hime attack is making me a junidiot..haha!
can't wait tho...


morning conbi for breakfast,then go surfing.
lunch conbi again, then back to surfing.
on the way home, dinner at family restaurant

n send the girl home:DDD
haha jun ones... the ending sweet la.

siti u needa go learn surfing alrdy!


haha! so i really did get it right!
muahaha! surfing...
i dun mind learning!!!
in fact am interested...
lucky he's not into cycling..if he is..i give up..haha!

haha...he gentleman mah..
must send girl home..
def he's not who will jus say bye bye at the last place...
but dinner at family restaurant..omg..it's almost too cozy...very very intimate yo!



but the column below
he can say even if the girl watch also ok.. but if she wanna learn he will not teach, cos he's bad at teaching LOL so cute..
so mb u can just watch sexy jun in the water:DDD


i watch also can...
and i will jus smile and squeal silently to myself..
keep saying omg omg..and shouting wooohooo..gambatte! anta mecha kakkoi yo!

but join in more fun..
haha, den compete with each other!
haha..ya ah..
he can't teach..
coz he is a perfectionist...everything must be perfect and his way...haha!
which i might not be able to take since i am very my pace...


hhahaha ganbare!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wanna go on ohchan's my kinda date:DDD
nino one sian LOL themepark..


riida's one is also fun...play games...

ya..nino one is def not mine..
coz i hate thrill rides...i dun understand them....why u need to go up and down great heights to get the thrill...haha!


ohchan's not early! 10am good timing for walk:DDD so sweet..
museum, bowling, fishing... good range of activities LOL

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