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we are definitely the same at #2. I hate it if my life is being dictated on how im supposed to live it by other people... I have my own pace. and I like having my own pace.. even if im so different from other people.. and yet this also proves to be one of the toughest things to do :3

but I'm definitely with you from 3-5 as well... my one is art :3

I love choo siti!!!! <3


i know...
i love to do things the way i want...
but as usual...the culture of the place...doesn't allow room for that~.~
i dun mind being different...
because that's how i am...i am ME~

i miss you annie~~~ love you too!!! we are both similar in many ways yo!


you can... go for JET ^^


yes. amongst other things. culture can be quite the hindrance to your pace.. there's also norms, and sometimes, the worst things are the people that you care about.. oh well but that is life... its hard... dakedo happy. hahaha but at least we can wish life would sometimes be easier. :3

I wish I can do my arashi passion everyday too! hahahaha

I miss you too!!!! I love you too!!!! <3 life is just too challenging for us nowadays... sigh...


yeah...life is hard because you always have to work hard to prove yourself and your worth...how being different is justified...

i know...right now...every day is but a dream...

life is indeed testing us...how passionate we are about work...


i know...after 3 years....most definitely

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