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Tenjo Style

I love these chibi Jun pics! They are one of my favourites ^_^

Ne, I also like this Utada song xD I listened a lot of Utada during the Dirty Desire fanvid... xD


i know...i totally adore him during this stage for the chibi pics...coz he looks like THE dream son you would want to have...makes you agree with Johnny-san why hime became an elite and din need to audition in order to get it...he simply has to charm with his vulnerable looks...

sou! i love this song...Jun featured this song in his JunStyle and i got hooked immediately..
haha, i know! Dirty Desire has a very strong feel of Utada's songs...makes me wan to watch the fanvid again...

Tenjo Style

You know, this song use a famous melody. I love it ^^


chibi jun *-* ahhh totemo kawaiii


sou! and the best thg is that the melody is merry xmas mr lawrence by ruichi sakamoto...one of jun's fav artist...and also one of his celebrity friends...so good!


Satoru Kamiyama <<<<<< still LOL-ing over it

i want photos of your collection!!!! =/


ya ah he....
photos of my collection...oh ya...maybe shld do it today as part of self healing...

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