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motto motto!!! XD paiseh lah.
these are only your papa photos? your photos need to wear clothes ahh, if not very easy spoil.


wow~ sugoi collection!!!


1-9 is official shop photos...except some...reprints tt natnat gave me...
9 to the rest are papa photos...they need clothes lor...currently in photo album...(took it out for u..haha!) prob with the clothes..they are all too big..coz papa photos is smaller than the usual JE ones...and i am damn particular..must have tt size..if not, i feel soooo wrong...sorry ah, i super anal...
i only just started collecting papa photos...after i discovered HIM..haha, before this, hard to get...

haha, sho's collection..i wan see urs! bet it's more than mine..muahahah!


yes...tt's why i feeel so embarrassed when i saw ur collection...realised how hardcore i am...before this..i tot i was still considered normal (face to palm)


love your collection *-----* i just have a couples ones :D hehe


believe me...u dun wan to go down my path..haha, once u start...it's hard to stop....


you remove for me?? O.O sorry!!!!! should have just ask you to bring all your ablums, that should be easier =/

hmmm. true papa photos clothings is alot harder to find then normal ones. i'm going funan there, maybe next week. i see there got the right size anot lo.

lols. sho's collection actually i dont have much ah.. cause i don't buy papa photos often(despite me whining wanting those at those for hours) orz i'm a bad sho kun fan... but got time i arrange and take photos of it~


haha, u always go funan...ya...papa photos..hard to find clothes...
muahaha, neva mind ah...in a way force me to organise my photos..smthg tt i've been wanting to do since forever...

sho's pne u dun have much meh? i tot u do? haha...now i scared to show u my sho collection...nvm ah, take ur time...

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