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*pat pat*
if tokyo i try my best to go with you. if not... i will just try nagoya alone ;^;


haha, no worries ah...if u can't go tokyo...coz i think this kind of thg..must learn to be thick-skinned and just make frens with the person beside...u go nagoya alone..ok not?


i dunno lo!! that's why i super headache.... no sense of direction, japanese ma-ma only.... orz tokyo the thing i scare is the tix only.


haha, will survive one ah...
precisely..tokyo....the tix..is hard and will be ex de...tt's why i half half..leave to fate...


hope you get better soon ne....and me too cho want their PV collection as well as go to their concert ^^


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u going?? where where ?


maybe tokyo. cuz this way air tix cheaper and during dec still not so cold yet. wanna go? =/

btw okaeri nasai~ ^^


you are back!!! okaeri!


tadaima~~ i wanna go... but thinking of my oka jan sakura...~~
argh!! y cant they juz open con in tw =xx


wUaaaa>>>>> def cannot go -____-"" damn damn....>.<'''
going to kokuritsu will be like bloodbattle for tickets leh....eniwei maybe prepare signboard??? *natsukasi~  hope you girls can get the tix!!!& send my <3 for the boys...

i thought uncle Johnny is smart???!!! he should make 4 versions of 'All the Best'...2 for Singles the 2 for all the PVs!!! must still be selling like hotcakes~~~


adoi! if u can go...imagine the amt of high-ness both of us will have muahahaha!

i miss you soooo much!!! can't wait when you come back!!!

uncle johnny ah...i think he is really smart...make us spend on this...den later come out with another album....for sure make much more money...

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