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I didn't get to wear the yukata ... still can't understand why it's sold out even though I started queueing quite early? And I sneaked shots of the two kids with the Arashi shirts! XD Will post it up later ;)


is it? we also had to queue up...but i think we could have been in the middle to tail end for the stock...coz by the time we get to choose, there was not tt many to choose from...
we got in the queue like near 5 - 5 plus...so i can understand...i think a lot of ppl got advanced tix this yr....tt's why...

u sneaked shots of the two kids..
haha...wen spotted and we asked the kid upfront whether we can take photo with him...
he was willing but when we ask more abt whether any member is a fan, he kept mum...sigh..

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