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you'll get by... you will learn, and you'll make it. I know you have the heart to do it.


just do whatever you can and whatever you want.

since you know her as a bloody bitch, don't let her words put you down. as long you know what you did is right.

take care dear. T_T

hope you feeling better today.


right now, my focus is only this particular batch of students tt i started out with...
once they graduate, i have decided to get out of there...
def not worth my all to be there...when my efforts are not recognised...


def going to adopt the 'i don't care' attitude...
am jus going to just be myself and be strong..for another year..
after tt...i'm off


hey gal, chin up! look forward to all the good stuff ahead of you ( your trip etc etc). you are a dedicated teacher and honestly, everyone is entitled to make mistakes. even experienced teachers make mistakes too what , what the hell. if i judged myself based on her criteria, i dink i will also "fail" as a teacher. im sure u will find a place that you can truely achieve your goals. hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks! you are also a very dedicated and talented teacher!
i have learnt really...from all this that sometimes, it's important to just shut your ears off all the distractions that bring you away from your goals...def a good lesson in life

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