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Ah!! I cant watch it.... Im still at work~~

I like this drama too!!! so sad it is ending soon~~ TT_TT


i've been seeing the clips but I am waiting for it to finish before I watch the whole thing.. let me just say it sounds really nice and interesting..although what I don't like about kdramas in general is that its a really looooong buildup and then it rushes to an ending...very few are ok...but i heard this one is really really good~


it's ending tml ne...on riida's bdae..haha
this ep...front part a bit orz...but now...not too bad...


was like you also...but considering how it's gg to end...and how the subs are already at ep 14...i couldn't resist...

for a kdrama...this is considered short ne...but short and sweet


ye~ its kinda short actually its good that the phasing this time is like that...it makes people want more if in any case...

i'm wondering as well..that's why i want to wait first for the info about the ending because i watch that way anyway..1st and last ep before going through the entire thing.. hehe~ weirdness!

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