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Actually when I watch this, the whole time I thought Hwang Tae Kyung's personality was based on... G-Dragon!


lols. thou i know who you referring to(well so obivous XD).. but he looks like hyde to me =/ =/


since the first time i saw YAB i thought it was based on J + Domyoji xD and i still think that way x3


i was thinking the same too xD but the only thing now is that right now for me he looks  like a son of Hyde o.Ó but with some of hime xDD lol

i miss this drama u_u


haha...G-Dragon is one possibility...coz of the hair style~personality..hmmm, haha...


haha! yes! when i see this...2 person i think of...Him(e) and Hyde! as he was singing..cannot help but LOL-ing also coz the two ppl's images in my head..haha!


haha! def got the Domyouji-sama's aura there...
which was also there when Hime-sama did a similar pose in last yr's calendar~


yep...having the two guys images in the mind when i saw this...


TaeKyung (links me to teac of 2pm - random)

i was thinking it'll be the kdrama version of Hana Kimi
but yea kdramas are always beautiful. i want a season 2 though :P

*read comments*

GD . . . LOL GD behind the cam is very cuddly (like GaHo-his dog) neweizz imma end this cuz am getting out of topic.

YB!!!! 100% ^_________^

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