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I just watched it too. ^__^ That's what I love about AnS, you can watch it heaps of times if you don't remember!

They way Hitori starts rattling off about KARA members, and Arashi is like ehhh eh eh? And then he teared totally at the message! And not knowing what they're saying but being excited haha.


haha, and the best thg..even tho i dun like Kara...i totally understand GH-san's feelings..
i mean it's a msg specially for you deshou...fr your beloved idol...
i too will def cry...tho i wan a recording of tt msg so that one can sub it for me properly and i can carefully analyse the words used..haha! and of course so tt i can watch it again and again...

at least we know...GH-san knows how a fan feels..haha!

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