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aah please spoil me! stinky woman stinks? :D
caught a few scenes with Shibasaki Kou and Maki, I like them both!


to me, both of them no chemistry at all...she's just like a board walking ard..nothing special...even the kiss..i cover with my hands, can cover her totally...jun n her sppsd to look like they're in love...jun looks like he's into the charac...she...sooo hopeless!


that's no surprise XD I had to change channel when I see her 'act' lol! I meant plot wise, they end up together or not? did she disappear into the 'titanic'? :D


well, after the titanic..she kind of disappeared...din wan to meet him...he tot she's dead..until his sibling saw her  and informed him tt she's alive..tt began the wildgoose chase which she manage to avoid for a while..in th end, she was caught again by maki at the porn show...and den finally he caught her..and she was willing to start anew with him...but den after eikura nana's charac, got married, she left him coz i think she felt that she couldn't be part of her life...

so in the end....THEY DIN END UP TOGETHER!!!

seriously...the plot btw them is just dead coz really...no chemistry to even make me feel sorry for her...and it's not the biased me saying it...

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