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"Yes, we have our fav..but ultimately, we love the WHOLE package."



Hi, I saw a reply to this post on my dashboard, I hope you don't mind me commenting :)

I know at least in the US I saw where fans flew across the country to see Matsujun at USC, Sho at Yatterman premiere and in Vancouver (although that was really not the best situation, fangirls acting out in the airport). I think that the chances of Arashi as a group appearing anywhere outside of Asia are slim so I expect the fans to try to catch a glimpse of the members as they do solo appearances, etc.

AKB groups are all made up of members who are contstantly voted up and down by their wota fans based on their popularity, am I correct? If that is the case, then I can see why the wotas get invested into one or two girls instead of the entire herd, haha.


I totally agree with you! With Arashi, I love every memember so much! even if I have Jun as my ichiban. This doesn't happen with other groups as KAT-TUN for example... This is why Arashi is so special!!!! ^O^


HOw can he compare them n EVEN how can he say that?!
Arashi is one package. I and I'm pretty sure almost all Arashi fans would agree that. Even if there's just one member comes to my country for whatever promo, I would still love to come to greet him. In Arashi, my ichiban is the GoNin. I'm pretty sure too, fans love all of them. Jun-kun also said in MS, that mostly fans said they like these 5 when they're together, coz the atmosphere is very Arashi.
I'm pity to akb, pretty sure there's some fans who don't like some members n only want to see his idol, just like above case. Pity.

And, to siti, I'm following you ^^, hope you don't mind, I found your post through karen-chan hreehehe, and when I read your post, can't help to post my anxious feeling to that guy. Dang. He doesn't know what he'a talking apparently. A whole different idoling.


A gomen, wrong name, I was reading karened's post, I mean I found you by tenjo-chan comment hehehe :P

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